Interactive products

kMO offers several ways to create truly interactive audiovisual presentations.


An IWB (Interactive White Board) enables a speaker to present their data to a large audience, and to work on the presentation without leaving the whiteboard. The accompanying software can also be used to draw on the screen itself using a virtual marker, finger, or pen.

It combines the simplicity and ease of use of a traditional white board with wireless interactive capabilities.


The interactive touch screen offers the same features as an IWB, together with the flexibility and quality of a touch screen.


A viewer is an interactive tool widely considered to be the overhead projector for the digital age.  It consists of a camera fitted to an articulated or flexible bracket, and captures images of text, 3D objects, transparencies, moving objects, etc. The images are then displayed through a video projector or monitor.

It can be used, for example, to display hard copies of documents (photos, maps, a page from a manual, technical specifications, etc.), to show action as it happens, or how technology works, to annotate a document in real time, to zoom, or to highlight an important point.


We only use leading brands for these technologies:

  • 0_promlogo
  • Epson
  • Logo_Inspired-Learning_RGB_v2
  • Polyvision
  • Print-SenseSimplicity-hi-res
  • SMART-Logo
  • creative-board
  • wolfvision-logo2008-rgb