Meeting table

kMO offers the largest choice of meeting tables on the market: 37 standard configurations available in an endless array of sizes, shapes, and finishes.


Our meeting tables all have the following characteristics:

  • designed with the integration of cables and audiovisual equipment in mind
  • a range of shapes to suit your space
  • an endless choice of finishes and materials
  • ergonomic edges and configurations
  • modern design with pure lines. The internationally renowned designer Hilton McConnico worked on our newest range of meeting tables and furniture


kMO extras:

  • Our ability to call upon an endless range of finishes and materials means that we can produce a customized meeting table that melts into its surroundings.
  • Our technical expertise in cables and connections with related devices means that they will be seamlessly incorporated into your meeting table.


Please feel free to browse our catalogue on demand.