kMO is much more than a supplier of furniture, technology, and lighting: a reputable specialist in the most surprising range of finishes and materials.


Whichever technical solution you choose and identity you choose to express, we have all that you need to make your space truly... yours!


Our primary skill is the ability to access a vast range of materials: traditional materials - wood, lacquer, glass, metal, etc., but also modern materials - resin, PMMA, digital decoration, etc. Our industrial capacity to embellish these materials with an endless range of finishes and colours only serves to boost this diversity.


Our expertise stems from our experienced teams dedicated to designing spaces and management.


kMO extras:

  • We have created a comprehensive material library - the MOthèque - shown to you during our initial meetings, and that ushers you in to a highly personal space: your very own.


To make it easier to browse our products, we display our MOthèque solutions in terms of materials and finishes, but of course it is by combining these materials and finishes that you will create a unique personal space.