kMO has selected LED technology to produce innovative solutions that form an integral part of your communication space.


The benefits of LED include:

  • low electricity consumption
  • long lasting (saves on maintenance)
  • recyclability
  • seamlessly incorporated into furniture using “flex strip” technology
  • low heat emissions


Furthermore, with our management solutions the lighting will change to suit your communication space to create a different ambiance for every occasion (meetings, video conference, training, etc.)

Indeed, we are able to change both the intensity and the temperature of the colours used. Accompanied by metameric lacquers that change colour with the incident light, the desired effect is guaranteed!


kMO trusts the expertise of NEOLUX, a specialist in LED lighting solutions. An innovative player in its field, Neolux is heavily invested in research, and boasts a cutting edge research laboratory.


kMO extras:

  • Lighting is designed to be functional as well as playing an active role in expressing the identity and personality of your space.


We invite you to browse our lighting solutions, which have been sorted into three types:

  • Ceiling lamps
  • Wall lights
  • Indirect lighting