Digital signage

kMO brings you interactive lobby areas, through dynamic displays.


Dynamic displays are useful for: providing information, communicating, welcoming, reducing perceived waiting time, supporting sales, etc.


You can use dynamic display screens to create your image wall. You can also manage your strategic messages in real time on a large-format HD dynamic display. Furthermore, touch screen windows bring an interactive edge to your multimedia communications. We offer comprehensive solutions that guarantee high-quality, dynamic images in your lobby.


Dynamic displays can be controlled remotely on all types of screen, for immediate and independent control. This technology also makes it possible to broadcast the desired message, at the desired time, in the desired location. Dynamic audiovisual communication puts you in control of your message.


There are several things to consider when designing your audiovisual communication project: the equipment used, installation, maintenance, software, media hosting and broadcast, design and development of content, and impact assessment.


Two main technical solutions enable you to broadcast multimedia content in several locations:

  • a video server that transmits to passive devices
  • a video server that communicates with players that manage devices locally


kMO extras:

  • Our expertise as an interior designer means that your dynamic display solution will be in perfect harmony with your space.
  • Our ability to call upon an endless range of finishes and materials is key to achieving this harmony.