kMO will help you design and build your turnkey lobby area.

kMO extras:

  • kMO helps you to create a convivial, communicative lobby that expresses your personality better than anyone else, with its triple expertise in “finishes”, “lighting”, and “incorporating communication technology”.

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  • First impressions count

    Your lobby area gives visitors their first impression of your company.

    kMO’s skills and knowledge mean that your company’s identity and values can be revealed from the very first glance.


    Indeed, our primary skill is the ability to access an enormous range of materials: traditional materials - wood, lacquer, glass, metal, etc., but also modern materials - resin, PMMA, digital decoration, etc.


    Our industrial capacity to embellish these materials with an endless range of finishes and colours only serves to boost this diversity.


    The combination of these materials and finishes creates a space that affirms the personality and identity of the company.

  • Where communication takes place

    The lobby is also a hub for communication.

    This is why kMO offers you a space that communicates: digital signage, digital interiors, etc. 

    The technology should fit seamlessly into this environment, revealing itself only when needed.
    kMO solutions are designed to transparently manage cables and devices (screens, speakers, etc.).

    Our furniture and wall coverings have all been designed with great care to be home to the most complex, or the simplest, audiovisual communication systems.