Management Area

kMO will help you to build your turnkey executive area.

“Management” today means “communication".

This is why we provide only the best audiovisual communication tools for your executive areas.
But beyond communication, kMO’s expertise in finishes and materials really comes to the fore in this environment.
Executive areas are spaces where decisions are made and where the fixtures and fittings, colours, and materials must represent the company identity and the occupant’s personality.
Our primary skill is the ability to access a vast range of materials: traditional materials - wood, lacquer, glass, metal, etc., but also modern materials - resin, PMMA, digital decoration, etc.
Our industrial capacity to embellish these materials with an endless range of finishes and colours only serves to boost this diversity.

kMO extras:

  • kMO helps you to express the personality and identity of your executive area better than anyone else, with its triple expertise in “finishes”, “lighting”, and “incorporating communication technology”.

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