Online solutions: Video conferencing

kMO helps you to set up a complete audiovisual conference solution.
Our online solutions also include dynamic displays and webinars.

kMO extras:

  • Our ability to call upon an endless range of finishes and materials means that we can provide audiovisual equipment that blends into your interiors.

Our product pages describe all online solutions currently available with kMO:

  • Benefits

    The benefits of video conferencing are now recognised by all:

    • Significant savings in travel time.
    • Financial benefits, with specialist bodies estimating a return on investment within 3-6 months of using video conferences.
    • An improved carbon footprint. Travel accounts for the highest percentage of a company’s environmental impact.
    • Technological progress means that even VSBs can afford a solution with high image and sound quality.


    And last but not least... the pleasure of sleeping in your own bed for all business people who spend a significant amount of time away from home.

  • Preliminary questions

    A few questions to think about before contacting a video conferencing professional:

    • What will I mainly use it for?
    • Will it be “point-to-point” with a single contact on the other end, or “multi-point”, with more than one contact?
    • Are these contacts mobile?
    • How much bandwidth does my infrastructure - and ISP - allow me to dedicate to video conferencing?
    • What are my security requirements?
  • Take note

    The technological solution is important, but experience has shown that the quality, comfort, and atmosphere of video conferencing areas is an essential factor in encouraging your teams to think about using this medium of communication as a matter of reflex.

    In this light, kMO brings you its added expertise in harmonious integration of technology that is revealed only when needed.

    kMO solutions are designed to transparently manage cables and devices (screens, codecs, speakers, etc.).

    Our furniture and wall coverings have all been designed with great care to be home to the most complex, or simplest, audiovisual and video conference systems.