Training rooms

kMO will help you design and build your turnkey training rooms.
We add value and differ from the norm with our multidisciplinary approach focused on tastefully fostering communication.

kMO extras:

  • kMO helps you to create auspicious, convivial spaces better than anyone else, with its triple expertise in “finishes”, “lighting”, and “incorporating communication technology”.

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  • Ability to evolve

    Our training rooms are real chameleons, able to change to suit the occasion and the people using the room.


    Spaces are configured to meet functional objectives: internal meetings or meetings with other companies, conferences with larger audiences, discussions in and outside of the room, one or more trainers, etc.

    Furthermore, it must be possible to reconfigure the training room to meet a particular objective: share experience, academic training, etc.

    To do this, kMO harnesses a wide range of skills and knowledge that makes anything possible.

  • Lighting

    The materials and finishes provide the initial stage of a solution, the possibilities of which can then be expanded even further by the choice of lighting. 

    Some of the affordable LED solutions available today can change the colour temperature and even the colour itself and its intensity in various spots around the room.

    kMO makes it possible to go even further by selecting metameric lacquers to accompany the LED lighting. Metamerism - changes in colour due to incident lighting - again multiplies the range of possible ambiances.

    Our solutions combine direct and indirect lighting for an excellent visual comfort in addition to the desired aesthetic results.

  • Materials and finishes

    Our primary skill is the ability to access a vast range of materials: Traditional materials - wood, lacquer, glass, metal, etc., but also modern materials - resin, PMMA, digital decoration, etc.


    Our industrial capacity to embellish these materials with an endless range of finishes and colours only serves to boost this diversity.


    The combination of these materials and finishes creates a space that is perfect for constructive, convivial communication.


    Did you know, for example, that colours may significantly influence the type of discussion?

  • Technology

    The technology should fit seamlessly into this environment, revealing itself only when needed.
    kMO solutions are designed to transparently manage cables and devices (screens, codecs, speakers, etc.).

    Our furniture and wall coverings have all been designed with great care to be home to the most complex, or the simplest, audiovisual communication systems.