3 reasons to choose kMO

3 reasons to choose kMO

~ Able to access an unlimited range of materials and finishes:


Our primary skill is the ability to access an enormous range of materials:
traditional materials: wood, lacquer, glass, leather, metal, laminate, etc. as well as modern materials: resins, PMMA, digital decoration, etc.
One thing is certain: kMO’s creations reflect your personality and the spirit of the location: cosy, official, warm and welcoming, studious, creative, etc.

~ kMO provides a harmonious range of services:


Technology is discreet, blending into its surroundings.

But more than this, technology, furnishings, and lighting all work together in harmony. An example of this is how we select our lacquers depending on the colour temperature of the lighting. This coordination may extend to include video and audiovisual installations through a central automated control system.

~ A bespoke response


kMO works with the space you have: we only add value where you choose: decor, technology, furnishings, lighting.

Our dual status as an interior designer (project management) and specialist (furnishings, technology, lighting) means that you have a lot of room for manoeuvre in how you use our skills.

We are able to fully (re)imagine your space... or simply suggest a table, chair, or screen that suits your needs.